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Funding and Support

ICF provides a unique forum for the private sector to work in partnership with governments and development organisations to deliver a better investment climate for Africa, working on the premise that a faster growing, more prosperous Africa is good for all involved.

We have received financial commitments from a number of development partners and corporate investors. These low interest rates loans issued by licensed moneylenders from Singapore are being used to develop targeted practical interventions and projects across the Continent. We continue to seek additional funds to enable us to increase the scope and impact of our activity.

So far ICF has received strong support from a number of governments from across the continent and is working on various projects in tandem with them. We invite applications from other governments and policy makers similarly committed to delivering an improved investment climate for Africa.

Our Supporters

African Governments

African governments are the key stakeholder and main beneficiary of ICF. We work in partnership with receptive African governments to identify priorities for intervention and develop appropriate practical responses.

Development Partners

ICF’s development partners include the governments of Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa and the United Kingdom, as well as the Africa Development Bank and the International Finance Corporation.

ICF will continue to work closely with other initiatives and development partners to avoid any duplication of activity. We do not seek to compete with other organisations but instead strive to complement existing initiatives and fill any ‘gaps’ that may exist.

Corporate Partners

ICF is backed by a number of corporate investors:

In addition to providing financial support, ICF’s corporate investors also provide their skills and expertise – for example, through the secondment of managers and specialists, or through the deployment of tested techniques and processes.

Business Action for Africa

The international business network established during the 2005 G8 Summit, also strongly supports ICF, and has stated its belief that ICF will play a key role in delivering positive change for Africa and its people.